The Railway Infrastructure Administration (Administración de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias – ADIF) has contracted Eliop Seinalia for the “Execution of the Installation of the Two-Way Automatic Block System (B.A.B.) and CTC on the San Sebastián – Irún segment”.

This Telecommunications and Railway Signalling contract is part of the upgrade and modernization of the principal railway stations and lines that ADIF is undertaking to link with France in the north of Spain.

The main objectives are to improve the safety of trains by installing a Two-Way Automatic Block System, improving regularity of service by replacing and configuring the old installations, and the rationalization and optimization of railway operations. The implementation of these installations on this section will improve the operation of the installations, increase reliability of the trains, and make better use of the interlockings installed on the line.

Eliop Seinalia was awarded this contract through a tendering process held among the leading manufacturers of electronic interlockings and railway signalling companies, with Eliop Seinalia standing out based on it technical solution and the competitive price for executing the project.

Taking into account the importance of this section of the line between San Sebastián and Irún in its connection with France, the project design includes, among other aspects, the modification and expansion of the Lezo – Rentería electronic interlocking, as well as the expansion of the Pasajes interlocking with the implementation of the new Two-Way Automatic Block System, the replacement of the existing 2,200 V power line with a step-up transformer in Andoain and Gaintxurizketa, etc.

The proposed solution is based on the new and modern “S3e” electronic interlocking. This interlocking complies with CENELEC standards, has a 2-out-of-3 architecture, SIL 4, and has been implemented by more than 8 Railway Administrations worldwide. The electronic interlocking has extensive communications capacities to apply blocks with adjacent stations, as well as to link to the CTC, providing a high degree of flexibility to implement the Operator Station in the location that is best suited for operation.

The contract includes the renovation of all of the associated equipment in the field, such as signals, track circuits, point machines, etc., as well as the communications and all of the corresponding wiring. The engineering and services associated with the execution of a project of this importance will have a continued impact in the future on the connection to France for both passengers and cargo.


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