CAF Signalling is protection and management
of rail traffic


CAF SIGNALLING is a company  that designs and provides Integral Signalling Solutions.

The commitment embraced by us, the people who are part of CAF SIGNALLING, together with the cooperation provided by our partners, contributes in improving the satisfaction levels of our customers as well as in creating value for our shareholder, CAF.


The vision of CAF SIGNALLING is to become an international benchmark company in the signalling industry.

In order to achieve this goal, the company relies both on its technological capabilities and human team and on being part of a group of reference in the transport sector, thus providing a well-balanced response to our stakeholders.


Having its own advanced technology products, both for onboard and wayside applications that make up the core of its integral solutions. As a result of a significant and growing effort in R&D&I, particularly in the area of critical safety systems, CAF Signalling promotes continuous innovation and customer focus.



CAF Signalling is formed by a highly experienced human team in diverse business areas, with proven track record, skilled, dynamic and committed with the business goals pursued by each of our clients.


At CAF Signalling, the technological subsidiary of CAF Group, we are focused on the design, development, manufacturing, supply and maintenance of Rail Signalling Systems, thus providing integrated signalling solutions for infrastructures and rolling stock, both in Spain and internationally.

We possess our own capacity and engineering expertise for getting involved in “turnkey” projects relating rail signalling. We are well recognized as such in various rail administrations throughout Spain and in other countries in Europe, America, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Our strategy is based on:

– Having available own proprietary-technology products both within the field of infrastructures and on-board systems, which are the core of our integrated solutions. Thanks to significant, increasing efforts in R&D+i, in particular in the field of critical safety systems, we in CAF Signalling drive for ongoing innovation and adopt a customer-oriented approach.

Strong know-how in signalling engineering, which is a must for embracing rail signalling turnkey projects.

High capabilities for managing and implementing complex projects, relying on the support provided by our parent company CAF and on the Group’s proven track record in the railway industry.


We are well aware of the import of quality in Business Management. We at CAF Signalling have implemented various Management Systems (Security, Quality, R&D+i, Environment and also Health and Safety) that have been externally certified. This is a public recognition of the organization’s commitment in achieving the highest quality standards in all our products and services.