Auriga ATO


Our ATO (Automatic Train Operation) solution provides a GoA2 (Grade of Automation) based on ERTMS Technical Specifications for Interoperability.

The system is divided into two parts, the ATO trackside and the ATO on-board.

ATO trackside

The main function of ATO trackside consists of automatic traffic regulation. Furthermore, it has drop-down modular functions in accordance with the needs of each line, such as handling and resolution of operation conflicts, automatic routing, alarm management or quality of service reporting.

Automatic traffic regulation: calculates and sends to the trains in real-time modifications to the nominal timetable needed for the optimization of the operation, based on quality of service, energy efficiency and passenger comfort criteria.

Handling and resolution of conflicts: estimates potential operation conflicts, making available to the operator a wide range of rescheduling actions that avoid them.

Automatic routing: sends automatic routing requests to release the operator from this task.

Alarm management: keeps the operator informed of all anomalous situations arising during operation.

Quality of service reporting: generates operation reports that help assess the quality of service and allow the continuous improvement of operation.

ATO on-board

The main function of ATO on-board is to ensure the compliance with the timetable sent by the ATO trackside, supplying at each instant the traction / braking effort required. Thanks to automatic driving significant improvements in terms of operations, costs and user experience are achieved:

  • Increase in regularity and punctuality.
  • Increase in capacity.
  • Minimisation of energy consumption due to the application of coasting.
  • Increase in passenger comfort thanks to jerk control.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs.