After-sales and maintenance services

All our projects have a flexible guarantee period tailored to the specific features and needs of each customer, wherever required, achieving/guaranteeing safety at all times as well as the highest availability and reliability rates.

For CAF Signalling, Maintenance is a key part of installations. To this purpose we rely on a whole department of highly qualified individuals capable of answering to the needs of our customers and on the basis of a Maintenance Plan that includes key maintenance aspects as provided for by the UNE-EN-50126 standard.

Thanks to the support and wide deployment offered by CAF Group, we at CAF Signalling spread our maintenance capabilities from the whole domestic market to the six continents.

Maintenance types offered are:

  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Maintenance

Maintenance modes offered are:

  • Local Actions

– On-site Preventative Maintenance

– On-site Corrective Maintenance

  • Remote Actions

– Ongoing monitoring of installed systems

– Remote Preventative Maintenance

– Remote Corrective Maintenance

  • Inspections (maintainability verification methods)