CAF Signalling installs in Valencia its fifth TMS for ADIF in less than three years

This commissioning confirms CAF’s signalling division as one of ADIF’s reference suppliers.

The CAF Group subsidiary specialising in Railway Signalling Systems, CAF Signalling, has commissioned the new TMS at Valencia Fuente de San Luis. This is an initiative that is part of the project to renovate the ADIF Eastern Subdirectorate’s Traffic Management System.

Given the large extension controlled by this TMS, the commissioning is being carried out by regulation bands. This first phase corresponds to the Buñol-Fuente de San Luis and Caminreal-Sagunto bands. As this is the first phase, all the hardware and software infrastructure associated with the new TMS East Node has also been put into service.

The one in Valencia is already the fifth Operation Control Centre that CAF Signalling has installed for ADIF in less than three years, which makes it the reference supplier of the railway infrastructure organisation.

NAOS technology

León, Oviedo, Santander and Bilbao were the previous ones. All of them have ADIF’s new Operation Control Centre architecture and are based on NAOS, the CAF subsidiary’s owner technology for Control Centres.

With this combination, CAF Signalling manages to provide the highest flexibility and availability for the operation of these systems and, at the same time, meets the high standards required by ADIF.

“The renovation of this type of system is particularly complex, due to the technological leap involved and the need to integrate and maintain, at the same time, very old field equipment for which the necessary information is not available. This requires highly complex reverse engineering tasks. The coordination between our teams and ADIF staff has been essential for the success of this initiative”, emphasises Frédéric Charlemagne, CAF Signalling Operations Director.

Specifically for this project in Valencia, the technical team of both entities had to overcome the obstacle of making the new TMS compatible with the old ones. This implies the complexity of exchanging information both for train tracking and for managing routes and priorities.

This latest commissioning, therefore, demonstrates ADIF’s commitment to CAF Signalling’s own railway signalling technology, which is providing optimum results in projects already in service. Other new projects of the same type are planned for the near future.