CAF Signalling provides signalling solutions for the first light rail line in Liège

The transport operator in Wallonia (TEC) has announced the awarding of the construction, equipment, and maintenance contract for the first light rail line in Liège (Brussels).

The Tram’Ardent consortium, in which the CAF Group participates, will supply 20 light rail vehicles; and signalling systems (interlocking, systems ATP, EPS, and CTC).

The PPP project includes the line’s design; construction; financing; and maintenance. TEC will be responsible for operating the light rail system in Liège.

The line will have 21 stations and will complete an intermodal triangle made up of the Guillemins High-Speed Station, the bus station, and the light rail station. The light rail station will become the transportation backbone of Liège.

In the words of the Walloon Minster of Mobility: “The construction of a tram in Liège represents the arrival of a new means of transport to the city and a better quality of life for all.”


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