CAF Signalling’s new electronic interlocking system contract in Slovenia

CAF Signalling is increasing its international expansion. The company has been awarded a new contract in Slovenia that covers the railway network stretch belonging to the Trans-European Mediterranean Corridor.

The Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure has entered into a contract with the consortium made up of the companies CAF Signalling and ISKRA. The agreement covers the renovation of the safety and signalling systems between the stations of Zidani Most and Sentilj along the Slovenian border with Austria.

The scope of the project, which is co-financed through the CEF programme (Connecting Europe Facility) and the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund), includes the design, installation, testing, and commissioning of signalling systems and equipment. The older relay interlocking systems by ISKRA will be substituted with electronic interlocking system by CAF Signalling.

The work will be undertaken on a stretch of line measuring 117 kilometres in length that features 17 stations along its route. This work represents one of the greatest investments in railway signalling in Slovenia in recent years and it is part of the government’s strategic plan to modernise the country’s main rail lines. The aim is to increase the rail network’s safety and capacity, improve the regularity and frequency of trains, and reduce maintenance costs.


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