CAF Signalling reinforces its commitment to youth employment with the second edition of ‘Young Talents’

The program promotes the employment of recently graduated engineers, who are offered a year of first work experience and academic training.

With the aim of promoting youth employment, CAF Signalling, a technological subsidiary of the CAF Group and specialized in Railway Signaling Systems, has launched the second edition of its ‘Young Talents’ program, aimed at recently graduated engineers. This initiative demonstrates the company’s commitment to the insertion of young people into the labor market, since Spain has an unemployment rate of 30.7% among people under 25 years of age, the highest in the Eurozone, according to the latest Eurostat data.

In collaboration with the Escuela de Empresa, the company launched this initiative last year with the idea of attracting young talent with technical profiles through an attractive academic training plan and paid internships. Due to the very nature of CAF Signalling, it is aimed primarily at telecommunications, computer and industrial engineers (in the specialties of automation and electronics, electricity and industrial organization).

‘Young Talents’ an extraordinary program

“It is an extraordinary program. We have the opportunity to get to know the whole company in depth, as we go through all the departments so that we can have a 360º view of the business. The project approach is very motivating; you can’t ask for more in a first work experience,” says José Antonio Reyes, one of the members of the first edition of the program, which is still active.

Over the course of a full year, the people selected travel through all of CAF Signalling’s business areas so that, in addition to the company, they can get to know the railway sector. The company designs a specific plan for each of the members and assigns them a mentor with experience within the company, who acts as a reference person throughout the program.

This second edition is currently in the process of recruiting talent and will begin in October. The registration period will remain open until July and can be applied through Linkedin and Infojobs.

“The success of the ‘Jóvenes Talentos’ pilot has encouraged us to launch this initiative again. We wish to boost youth employment and rely on the potential brought by the new generations. Our current growth is associated with attracting talent and this program guarantees us a pool of great professionals for the future”, highlights José Antonio Menéndez, People & Communication Director at CAF Signalling.