CAF Signalling, first company to pass the new European on-board ERTMS tests in the Netherlands

CAF Signalling, together with its parent company CAF Group, has become the first on-board ERTMS supplier to successfully execute the new European process for compatibility tests in the Netherlands.

These tests, led by CAF Signalling, have been carried out in accordance with all ETCS compatibility checks defined in Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/776 of 16 May 2019. ProRail, the railway infrastructure manager in the Netherlands, and Ricardo Rail, specialised company in critical and complex railway systems, gave a positive assessment, meaning that Nederlandse Spoorwegen’s SNG trains can now run with ERTMS on the Amsterdam-Utrecht line.

The next challenge for CAF Signalling is for the SNG fleet to become the first in the country with an ESC Type.