The ADIF Board of Directors has approved the awarding of a Safety Equipment and Facility contract for the La Encina Hub-Xátiva-Valencia stretch along the Mediterranean Corridor.  The contract was awarded to Thales-CAF Signalling.

The project represents ADIF’s largest investment in Safety Facilities over the last 5 years, and it is framed within one of the strategic lines of said railway administration agency as it is part of one of the main European Rail Corridors for both passenger transport and freight.

The contract includes actions to be undertaken on both conventional train lines and high-speed lines, and it includes  ERTMS Level 1 and Level 2.

The contract includes construction plans, the execution of works, the upkeep and maintenance of interlocking systems, train protection systems, centralised traffic control, auxiliary detection systems, energy supply systems, and fixed and mobile telecommunications systems for the La Encina Hub-Xátiva-Valencia stretch measuring 116 km, as well as protection and safety systems.

The total contract term is 36 months, 6 of which are to be dedicated to the drafting and approval of construction plans and 30 of which are for execution of work. Additionally, the contract includes 25 years of maintenance for the high-speed installations and 20 years for the systems on the conventional rail network.

Awarding of this project, whose total amount nears 80 million euros for CAF Signalling, will allow the company to reach new order volumes and to strengthen its position as one of the main players in the railway signalling sector in Spain.


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