CAF Signalling (CAF Group) and its Turkish subsidiary company Eliop Otomatik Sistemleri have been the successful bidders for the railway signaling contract posted by the TCDD (Turkish Railway Authority) in Turkey.

The Railway Signaling and Telecommunications contract will be implemented in the section traversing the city of PEHLIVANKOY, within the by-pass joining the railway corridors that connect Turkey to Greece and Turkey to Bulgaria. The contract undertaken by CAF Signalling requires bringing up to date the entire railway signaling system by installing cutting edge electronic interlocking and CTC (centralized traffic control) systems, as well as completely remodeling all associated field and communications elements. This contract is an opportunity to show Spain’s Technological and Engineering capacity to develop projects that can successfully compete in the international market with the main companies in the industry and satisfy the technological demands of high capacity systems.

The railway section involved is framed within the rail link hub joining Turkey to the European Union, with corridors mostly bound for Greece.

The designed solution is based in S3e type electronic interlocking systems developed under the most stringent quality standards in compliance with CENELEC.

The Railway Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) solution is based in the potentiality of the CTC-SHERPA system. This turn-key project includes designing, engineering, supplying, installing, starting up and later maintaining the control and field equipment installed for this railway section.

CAF Signallinghas a subsidiary company in Turkey (Eliop Otomatik Sistemleri), with more than 22 years of experience in this country, where it has developed numerous applications for different industries, mostly for the railway sector, particularly for train transportation and Light Underground systems, such as the Antalya Rail System.

CAF Signalling reinforces and continues to develop its international activity, which is significant in Mediterranean countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Turkey and in Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria, where it has offered complete, turn-key type solutions for Railway Signaling and Telecommunications.


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