Service start-up of the SCADA system on the Valparaíso Metropolitan Railway

In November 2016, CAF Signalling signed an agreement for the carrying out of the project entitled “Renovation of the SCADA system on the Valparaíso Metropolitan Railway”.  The contract consisted on the renewal of the SCADA hardware and software services that remotely controlled the energy stations and substations on the Valparaíso Metropolitan Railway in Chile, from a control centre located within the Port installations. Furthermore, a redundant post was installed in the station at El Sol from which control could be taken should the Puerto servers be deemed inoperative.

The line consists of 20 stopping stations, and ground data compiled using a Elitel model remote network.

Most of the works were undertaken in-house in the Madrid installation, this is, the necessary developments, FAT testing, remote set-u and project management. However, for ground work, testing and service start-up was outsourced to the firm PPA whose headquarters are in Santiago de Chile.

Furthermore, the contract includes 4 years’ maintenance and an optional fifth for the implementation of the ICCP protocol for communications with other centres.

The project ran until January 1st, 2018 with the entry into service of the system.


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