On May 23, the commissioning of Section 3 of the Zidani Most-Sentilj project in Slovenia, executed in consortium with ISKRA, was successfully completed. Section 3 includes the Slovenska Bistrica and Poljane stations. These stations are the first 2 of the 16 included in the contract.

The work carried out has been a great challenge for company, as they are the first stations to be executed by the CAF Signaling in this country. For this reason, it has been necessary to adapt the products to the requirements of the new customer, with a rather complex signalling system. It’s important to highlight the new Interlocking Software, the new interface with Level Crossings, the new PLO, the new interface with LED Spotlights and Beacons; and many other adaptations made.

This work is part of the renovation plan for the relay interlocks lines in Slovenia. The success of this action marks a milestone, establishing CAF Signalling as a new technology company in the area and opening new business opportunities in the country.