CAF Signalling successfully concludes , the factory-type ERTMS tests of the “Wales and Borders” project

The 14th of May, the factory-type ERTMS tests of the “Wales and Borders” project carried out at the CAF UK facility in Newport, South Wales, were successfully concluded. Within the framework of this project, CAF Signaling is responsible for supplying and certifying the ERTMS Level 2 system for 21 Civity Class 197 trains, which will serve the Cambrian line.

These tests have taken place for two weeks, were the correct installation of the BL3R2 on-board system in CAF’s DMU Class 197 was verified. The specific factory-type ERTMS protocol has also been implemented, focused on ensuring the correct integration of the on-board ERTMS with the train; as well as the interface with the national signaling system in UK TPWS.

The next milestone is to start the dynamic testing phase with the aim of certifying our ERTMS system shipped in the UK.

This start-up has been specially complex due to the exceptional situation caused by COVID19. Despite this, CAF Signalling has been done a great job.